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keidas polar oasis

Idea 2012

The oasis is getting more figurative, performative, lonley (or not). Another try to profit of climatic changes in a wise way!!!


Idea 2011

A beach-scenery appears like a fata morgana on the snow-covered, frozen surface of the Hailuoto Iceroad on the Northern Bottnic Sea in Finland at the end of February. Here, at one of Europe's coldest locations coldness seems to play tricks on your senses regarding the unreal appearance of palm trees, parasols and bathers. However, approaching will make more and more obvious, that there won't be any mirage, but rather an artificial illusion, namely a substantial installation. Substantially in the truest sense of the word, because each particular object is made of nothing else but snow-white sauna towels soaked by water which lets them freeze to sculptures because of the extreme coldness. Being the composition of colors "white on white" the installation could sometimes get assimilated by the hibernal environment according to the lighting conditions.



Depending on time of day and position of the sun, a fl uctuating natural play of colors with a range from light magenta to golden yellow and fi nally grey and black might appear . It is a play with extremes, at which coldness will create symbolism of heat, at an obviously absurd location during the most adverse period of the year. Having recognized the installation from the distance as a palm tree scenery, the association with an oasis won't be far. However, staying directly in front of the objects, one will see, that the familiar expectation concerning an oasis will be disappointed, so I am thinking about compensation in form of hot tropical wine punch for every visitor. Also a short-term performance by myself with bathing suites and deck-chair might be a possible, additional surprising action



In that manner an oasis will be created after all, a minimal intervention in time and nature, a place, which has possibly never existed before in this way and which is going to invite you for a (short) stay, for amazement, refl ecting, laughing or shaking the head. Who knows, whether this scenery won't become reality due to convenient climate in the medium turn, at last gorgeous palm trees once had been growing even in Antarctica.




That was the theory. The reality during the project period from 28.2.-12.3.2011 developped somehow different: Instead of the expected rich-zero temperatures we had to contend with freezing temperatures and heavy storm. Although we had successful freezing in a -16 degrees cold night the morning-storm finally prevented installation of the objects.



In spite of rising temperatures, a first installation could be proceeded at the Iceroad, after that we moved to the wind calmed North coast of Hailuoto, where not least a fishing net enabled the final installation of "keidas". Wind and heavy snow provided daily changes in the installation



Fragility instead of eye-catching was the surprising result. The towel objects communicated a fragile tenderness, that could be affected at any time by changing climatic conditions. Especially in the Bay Potinlathi radiated kind of a contemplative silence, since the arrangement was unexpectedly subtly integrated into the natural environment.



Planting palm trees within the Arctic region will therefore continue to be a tricky task, but not because of the extreme coldness, but due to unexpectedly high temperatures, what a wonderful paradox.



Further informations concerning exhibitions, publications and action around "keidas" you will find on this website.